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#RedbudRoadTrip Starts Here

#RedbudRoadTrip Starts Here

Adventure season has begun! School’s out, summer trips are coming up, and we’re prepared with travel-ready shower bars and a few new things in the works.

If you’ve got the travel bug and an itch for change this summer, you’re not alone.

For the next few months, the Thoughtfully Clean Field Notes blog will take on a slightly different format as we accommodate summer travels.

First, we’ll be inviting several guests to join and share their experiences with Redbudsuds and their perspectives on what it looks like to live gently on earth.

In addition, we at Redbudsuds (myself, my husband and a few lucky friends) will also be hitting the road! We’ll be sharing stories, photos and ways to be thoughtfully clean - with Redbudsuds and in general - along the way.

Starting from Ohio, we’ll branch outwards to Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and more.

Where will we shower? How lightly will we tread?

Follow the adventures @redbudsuds on Instagram by searching the hashtag #redbudroadtrip.

Feel free to tag your own adventures in thoughtfully clean living on the road, too, just tag #redbudroadtrip so we can cheer you on!

And if you’re traveling with your shower bar, don’t forget to check out our newest item in the soap shop to make your life so much easier: the shhhhhh....

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