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Resources for Sustainable Gardening Anywhere

Resources for Sustainable Gardening Anywhere

Very merry or quite contrary: How does your garden grow?

Whether you consider home to be urban, suburban, rural, backcountry, or on the road (you lucky van-dwelling adventurers, you), the benefits of gardening are vast: improved nutrition to land reclamation to mental health.

We're excited to share some resources that have inspired us towards creative organic gardening. No matter where we find ourselves!

Tools for Inspiration

Books: The Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan), Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-scale Permaculture (Toby Hemenway), Pest Control for Organic Gardening (Amber Richards)

Documentary: Tired of food documentaries that leave you feeling depressed? Inhabit, produced by New York native Costa Boutsikaris, sheds light on inspiring solutions to sustainable agriculture and gardening in urban, suburban and rural settings, right here in the the northeast of the US. Highly recommended.

Online: These two guys - Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates - took a barren lot in the city and turned it into a food forest. Not only is their book (Paradise Lot) an inspiring read, so is their blog. Check it out. They're also featured in Inhabit.


  1. At Home. Do a little investigating and make a plan for planting some edible perennials (aka plants that come back every year). Don't be afraid to try something new! search for plants
  2. On the road. Got plans to travel this summer? You can still take advantage of locally grown produce. Pick-your-own orchards and shopping at local Farmer's Markets along your route can be a great local food source when you don't have a garden, plus a wonderful way to get a taste of local community culture everywhere you visit. The National Farmer's Market Directory can help.
  3. In the community. Look up your local network of community gardens and find out if they need volunteers as the growing season gets underway.

Happy Gardening!

What are your gardening experiences? Share them with us in the comments or on FB / IG @redbudsuds #thoughtfullyclean.

Last but not least....Did you know we have a Resource Library?! Check out the Team Redbudsuds Member Area for more inspiration on living thoughtfully clean.


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