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pre-order your suds + surprise 'suds'cription now!

pre-order your suds + surprise 'suds'cription now!

Are you ready for the best smelling mail ever?

Aubrey shares what, how, why and when you can reserve your box in this week's STOKE.


How it works:

Pre-order by the deadline (August 31 for the Fall Box or before they sell out!), and your SUDScription will arrive at your door by the first day of fall, winter, spring and summer.

You choose your scents, we pick the surprise. (Trust us, it'll be good.) No returns.

A limited number of boxes are available each month, so hop on the WAITLIST to be next in line if we're all sold out!

What you get:

Every three months, you'll get 3 bars of your fave suds, plus a curated surprise from us.

Don't forget to select your scents in the drop-down menus above.

The surprise could be (but isn’t limited to): thoughtful goods for home and traveling, new brands we love, or exclusive batches of our own products.

NOTE: All the surprise items in the box are ONLY available with the SUDScription. They will not be for sale anywhere else on our website or in person shows. If you want it, get a box!

What we give:

Whether you’ve been enjoying Redbudsuds for years or are new to the party, there’s one thing you know: Redbudsuds is so much more than soap. It is community. We are focused on protecting water and connecting with the outdoors and each other. We believe that letting go of guilt and getting started with our own actions is how we create the world we want to see. We are the small drops that make the ocean.

With your SUDScription, you are showing up for water. Every box of three bars STOPS nine plastic bottles from entering the waste stream. Plus, we donate at least 1% of every sale (but often more!) to our water-protecting non-profit partners such as Save the Boundary Waters, For Love of Water and Great Lakes Business Network, advocating for systems that provide clean and safe water for everyone.


Let’s enjoy the journey, have a little fun, and use the routine of showering as a reminder of how strong and connected we truly are.

Thank you!


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