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The Anti-Resolution Challenge

The Anti-Resolution Challenge


80% of resolutions fail by February.

Seems desperate, doesn’t it? Why even try?

I always start the new year trying because I love a fresh start. The chance for reinvention. The opportunity to be better.

What if instead of resolving to do something more, we aimed at doing less?

Committing to "doing less" is a huge challenge. For one, our culture tells us that doing equals success. I love to feel productive, to have a full schedule, to pack it to the max. But at some point, too much is too much.

In his book Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown argues that in order to be more, love more, live more, save more, do more, etc, you must create space for what is essential. When you focus on the essentials, something magical happens.

The hard part is figuring out what is essential.



I recently came across an exercise from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron that has helped me immensely in this area. Got 30 seconds? Try it.

We’ll call it the Life Pie. (More pie seems like a good place to start your resolutions, doesn’t it?!)

Take a pen and a blank paper. Draw a circle. Divide it into six equal parts, each slice with a label: friends, work, exercise, spirituality, play, romance/adventure.

Now put a dot in each slice according to how fulfilled (or not) you feel in that category. A dot near the center means unfulfilled, a dot near the outer edge means you’re doing great.

Then, connect the dots. Are you lopsided?

(Side-note: You can re-do the exercise by renaming the categories what you deem essential. I added two: "rest" and "music," because those are essential for me. You are not allowed to remove "play.")



After the foray of holiday festivities, it’s easy to feel off-kilter and ready for a fresh start. Maintaining a sense of balance in all areas of our lives will always take creativity and continuous adjustment.

As you reflect on the past year, the past month, the past week -- shoot, yesterday! -- what has worked? What has not?

Taking a small amount of time every day to ask this question, as it relates to your own Life Pie, can make all the difference.

In essence, do more of what works, less of what doesn’t. It seems obvious, but a little reflection can reveal some surprising patterns.



Here is my challenge to you: Don’t make resolutions. At least, not right away. Stop. Pause. Consider.

  1. Ask yourself: What can I let go?
  2. And in the space that remains: What do I wish to invite?

Returning to the essence of what matters keeps us focused and allows us to keep moving forward even when we don’t feel motivated. It grounds us. It helps us move through life with delight.

Instead of dreaming big, let’s win small.

For us at Redbudsuds, our annual reflection is leading us to reignite our core values: Simplify, Connect, Protect.

Every day, one small win.

Small drops truly make an ocean. Let’s make waves.


Bonus: If you’re the type who likes to have a visual reminder, this is for you. Print it and put it where you can see it daily. PRINT

To see how the Redbudsuds community is going to #winsmall and live thoughtfully clean in 2019, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @redbudsuds. Don’t forget, you can share your moments too! Just tag your photos with @redbudsuds and #thoughtfullyclean #winsmall so we can celebrate with you.

Cheers to a New Year! I can't wait to share small wins with you.


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