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The Resupply Guide: RBS for backpackers

The Resupply Guide: RBS for backpackers

When you’re carrying everything on your back, you know that when it comes to stuff, less is more.

Whether you are hiking 20 miles a day for 6 months on a backcountry trail, or walking the Camino, bringing multi-use items saves space and time.

Turns out this is true in the front-country, too.

This truth is exactly what inspired me to create Redbudsuds: One bar. One thing to carry. No spills. No mess. No waste. Wherever I find myself, it’s just one thing for the shower.

No spills. No mess. No plastic waste.

So how exactly does this work? As one-of-a-kind individuals, we each must, as they say, “hike your own hike.” In other words, it will look a little different for each of us. That said, I have learned a few things from years of experience and talking with a lot of other adventurers. I share what I’ve learned so it may be helpful for you too. Let’s do everything we can to keep our water clean.

Waterfall, rushing

FAQ’s for distance hikers:

  • How much do I need? One bar goes a long way. Typically one travel size bar will last 2-3 weeks with “regular” use, but “regular” really depends on you. If you really want to be scientific, we recommend testing out a bar before your trip.
  • Shoofah = gamechanger. This piece of magic turns a bar into soap-on-a-rope (and soap-NOT-in-the-dirt, yay).
  • How to keep it dry? You can store it in a ziplock or wrap it in a bandana. The Shoofah removes most of the ick-factor from using a bar, honestly. My favorite method: a cotton satchel. Put it in the satchel, even when it’s wet, and it dries as you go. Simple.
  • Bonus: tell us the hike you’re taking and your start date, and we’ll throw in a satchel for free when you order a Resupply or Epic Suds.
  • What scent do I pick? Find your options here.
  • How do I even take a shower in the woods? Read more.

Wilderness Shower - Aubrey Redbudsuds

The best part? Coming home and smelling the scent of adventure suds in your shower every day keeps the memories alive.

Redbudsuds helps me remember that it’s not adventure life “out there” versus mundane life “right here.” It’s all life. We make an impact every day, regardless. Let’s make it positive.

Because if I'm honest, whether I'm on or off the trail, I need joy and delight within the challenges.

May Redbudsuds help you be the happiest and best-smelling hippie on all your thoughtfully clean adventures.

Bulk order zero waste shampoo bars Redbudsuds

Resupply” and never run out.

Got tips from your trips? Please add your expertise in the comments below.



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