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2021 rePurpose Global recap

2021 rePurpose Global recap

Thanks to rePurpose Global and their community of brands (including Redbudsuds), they are now able to remove 14 million pounds of plastic waste from the environment annually across South America, Africa, and Asia. 

rePurpose Global works by having companies account for how much plastic they are using for their products and buying credits to offset the plastic usage. For every piece of plastic that rePurpose Global gives a credit for, it is a piece of plastic that would otherwise not have been removed from our ecosystems.

Redbudsuds specifically supported work at the Project Anant Pranay located in Aurangabad, India. 

More than 50% of the plastic waste generated in urban cities of India is multi-layered plastic (MLP) that does not get collected because the material has no commercial value and lacks collection infrastructure.

Project Anant Pranay works to remove MLP's that would have otherwise been dumped in overflowing and hazardous landfills. Following the collection of MLP, waste workers segregate, clean, and transport the plastic to cement kilns for co-processing. As this type of plastic cannot be recycled, the best environmental option is co-processing. Energy is recovered from the plastic and the remaining waste is effectively disposed of without harmful emissions. They are also able to extract some of the minerals in the plastic waste and use them in the creation of cement. Not only does this initiative dispose of unrecyclable plastic waste without sending them to landfills, but it also reduces the usage of coal in the cement manufacturing process, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Through this project alone, they are now recovering more than half a million pounds of plastic waste annually!

That's the equivalent of over 127 million plastic pouches or 14 million plastic bottles removed from nature.

None of this would have been possible if it weren't for amazing customers [YOU!!] that make the conscious decision to choose thoughtfully clean companies to support.


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