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In this episode: It's Camper Chats with a twist! Aubrey chats with Anastasia and Alina about how they wield their creative powers through businesses to show up for the change they want to see in the world.... from the tub.

Why the bathtub? (Why not!?) For Alina, the bath is her self-proclaimed "most natural habitat." It's where her most inspired ideas come from. So we bring this month's chat to you from the bath! (Except Anastasia, whose remote cabin bathroom currently gets negative bars of internet service.)


The Warm Up

0:04 Meditation

3:23 Intro + Meet the Makers

9:12 Lightening Round

The Real Talk

15:18 Anastasia - How do you advocate for social, environmental and racial justice -- and raise thousands of dollars for organizations doing this work -- by selling a pee cloth!?

22:37 Alina - Tell us your story. You launched your career and hit the road during a pandemic. What do you do? How do you do it?

26:12 Alina - How have you experienced the push to "diversify the outdoors?" Has this been easier or more difficult in our current climate of heightened awareness of racial issues?

28:12 Anastasia - what have you learned in partnering with BIPOC artists?

The Next Steps

37:22 Holiday gift ideas + how to support Alina and Anastasia and their work

39:15 GIVEAWAY (and an extra surprise giveaway you can still join!)

43:19 Q&A


To learn more and shop to support:

Kula Cloth FB/IG @kulacloth

Thru Designs FB/IG @abstract.hikes


Thanks for tuning in!

Drop a line in the comments where you're listening from.

Happy thoughtfully clean adventuring.


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