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CC #8 Ask Me Anything

CC #8 Ask Me Anything


It's another Tub Talk edition! This month, we break from our usual guest interview to answer your questions directly. See the time stamps below to get the answers to your questions.


In this episode:

Tuneful Tonic w/ the Uke (3:29) Beauty in the World by Macy Gray (Canton native!)

Intro (7:53) Camper Chat Intro and how this one’s different!

Community Check in (9:53) - How ya doin?

Lightening Round (11:53)

  1. Fun fact about yourself...
  2. Where’s your favorite place to adventure? My top #1 and #2: Boundary Waters, MN (never gets old) and New River Gorge, WV. Locally, I enjoy walking along bike paths straight out my front door.
  3. Favorite adventure food? (aka food you’ll never be found without): Holy trinity of chocolate, peanut butter and cheese. Any combo or solo.
  4. Favorite Book or podcast? Book: The Overstory by Richard Powers, Podcast: How to Save a Planet by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and the Planet Money Guy. SO GOOD.
  5. Biggest wish/fear: That humanity is falling into the trap of forgetting just how interconnected we are. This is leading to a lot of suffering for a lot of people, and loss of biodiversity in our world. My biggest wish, is that people would, within themselves, being to listen and realize that everything is connected. This innate goodness we have, we can share and make a difference - even (especially!) if it is through small, everyday actions.
  6. Person or moment that inspired you? My Grandpa. He was a beautiful person. Through his life and his death (he passed yesterday, of Covid-19, sadly), he modeled what it looks like to live with love. To Grandpa, a stranger was pretty much someone he hasn’t met yet.


  1. Could you give us a little background of how you got started for those of us who don't know much about your story? --Janna (17:29)
  2. Have you thought about creating a bar specifically for outdoor camp showers?  The national parks require grey water is captured and disposed of but if the soap is totally biodegradable I don’t know why this would be needed.  Thanks.  Love your products. --Lisa (20:09)
  3. Recently I started using RBS again. I have really been enjoying it and like the way my hair feels after I use it, too. :)  That being said, I’m curious if you have any tips on how to not have my hair pretty tangly after showers. For a better example, I feel like when I’m done using the soap bar, my hair feels clean, however, it is really tangled and this hard to come out without taking a lot of my hair out in the process. :// obviously I would prefer to keep using the soap bars from RBS, however, I feel like I also need to use conditioner after I was it with the bar, so it gets smooth again. So, if you have advice or thoughts on that, it would be greatly appreciated! --Lydia (22:55)
    1. Comb before showering.
    2. Be sure to suds your hair up by going WITH the grain instead of adding more tangles as you lather.
    3. Try using a conditioner bar or detangler after showering (we’ve tested Ethique)
    4. Or use a few drops of jojoba oil, again massaged into the ends of wet hair
    5. Occasionally, you can use a sprints-rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar:
    6. Plus, Extra tips for curls:
  4. I have city water and my hair can be really hard to comb out and I use a regular conditioner after shampooing with my beloved RBS Bar. I’d love to get free of that conditioner in a PLASTIC container grrrrrr. Can you help? --Connie (Answered with above question)
  5. Do you really have a nu camp I think they are awesome. —Charlie (29:42)
  6. Are there better/worse bars for different skin types? i.e. dry, oily, acne, etc. How can I learn to play music like you? :) What can we do as loyal customers to support and spread the word? —Mandy (31:25)
    1. Recap - which bar is best: + the Hydration Station bar for super dry skin, scalp and hair
    2. Video for more recommendations:
    3. To support Redbudsuds: tell your friends! Like, share, comment and SAVE social media posts. Contact us if you have additional ideas or would like to collaborate!
  7. Many people talk about going into business for themselves but never pull the trigger.  What was your path from idea to reality? What made you want to do it? How did you decide on soap? How did you get the business up and running? Cheers! --Todd (35:23)
  8. Absolutely love your product, my husband and kids only use your bars for hair and body! Do you use a specific app for locating camp grounds when you travel? --Heather (39:22)
    1. is pretty good, as well as free camping on US Forest Service and BLM land (always check locally).
  9. Do you have a bar that’s best for color treated hair? I love sustainability AND purple hair. —Deanna (41:30)

Customer Love Note (43:56)

Reminders / Announcements + Giveaway Announcements (45:43)


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