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CC Ep. 4: Spread Kindness Not Germs

CC Ep. 4: Spread Kindness Not Germs

Something New

When you can't take road trips, you find new ways to adventure!

Turns out, there are some AMAZING things happening here in our local community.

We are using our Camper Conversations as a way to highlight some of these awesome things in hopes that you, too, take action!

In true "Stay-At-Home" style, we'd like to start by sharing an initiative we're sponsoring close to the Redbudsuds world headquarters, right here in Canton, Ohio with Lighthouse Ministries, a youth center that provides after-school programming, summer camps and field trips, and evening youth clubs for children in grades K-12.

Lighthouse Kids Show the Way

It's fitting that starting the week of Mother's Day, we are highlighting what a group of dedicated, talented kids from the Lighthouse are doing to "Spread Kindness, Not Germs" to others and to Mother Earth.

We chose to highlight the Lighthouse because we LOVE their approach and the integrity of their community work. It's no ordinary after-school program. They strive to empower each student to identify their talents and light within, and then use those gifts to make their community better.

This brings me to why we at Redbudsuds are making the switch from talking about "spreading compassion not germs", to spreading kindness.

As I was working with the Lighthouse staff Darin Nissley and Kelly Klein on the initiative, they warmly suggested that while compassion is needed in our world (for example, it is good to feel sympathy for someone in need and help them), the Lighthouse focuses more on empowering students to take action in their community from a place of their own inner strength. We agreed that "spreading kindness" communicates this much more clearly than compassion.

So here goes!

Let's Spread Kindness, Not Germs!

Stay tuned as we learn from the Lighthouse students and share giveaways, stories, challenges, and checklists in the coming weeks.

Storytime with Tiana
Storytime with Tiana @lhmcanton


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