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CC Ep #6 with Mark, Intrinsic Provisions

CC Ep #6 with Mark, Intrinsic Provisions


In this episode (timestamps included below):

Aubrey chats with Intrinsic Provision founder Mark Boles about the what inspired him to turn his love for the outdoors into an industry-disrupting business model (and, coincidentally, become the 2nd Black-owned outdoor gear shop in the U.S.).

In Mark's characteristic warm and carefully unfolding way, we get to hear his story in his words.

Plus, he shares the inside scoop on some of the industry's best kept secrets of brands with soul that will keep you warm and enjoying outdoors all winter long.

Mark speaks to the heart of the infinite challenges we navigate as we strive to build community that honors the both people and the natural world.

Watch to learn how he has chosen a path to be deeply impactful by starting small -- and how you can join in the adventure.


Intro 0:00

The Backstory

  • 2:30 “How Did I Get Here?”
  • 5:27 encountering challenges with a career in advertising
  • 9:00 challenges on the home front

The Tension Grows

  • 9:59 “If there’s one common theme throughout my life, it’s that there have been really meaningful people who have offered really sage advice that has stood with me.”
  • 10:19 advice from a mentor
  • 11:24 Mark discovers his single-most important guide in decision-making: FAMILY

The Turning Point

  • 13:40 “You’re Fired”
  • 14:06 “What do you own in all of this?”

The Seed is Planted

  • 15:12 Mark writes a White Paper “State of Retail and Shopping”
  • 16:26 The short of it

The Sprout Emerges

  • 17:12 Storytime! Inspiration from a local wallet company
  • 19:00 “We could start a store with the intent on being small.”

The Business Takes Root

  • 21:24 Doing good or making money? How about “and.”
  • 22:21 Mark gets real with his financial goals “I want to make decent money and make sure my kids have a down payment for a first house or, whatever!”

The Pivot: Hello, Covid!

  • 24:13 Starting with a strong emphasis on brick and mortar, then… pandemic.
  • 25:01 “The amount of serendipity that occurred to enable all of this to happen: getting capital when needed, getting fired from a job, getting space and furnishings when needed…”
  • 30:22 “You have to be able to shift.”
  • 33:59 Bringing on a Partner: The illustrious Ponch Membreno

The Brands that Make Intrinsic (and will keep you cozy all winter!)

  • 31:54 Stio winter gear
  • 41:58 Stio is tried, tested, trusted in his community
  • 43:22 Corbeaux - baselayer brand from Aspen, CO
  • 45:05 Ruggette - climbing pants, sustainably made from hemp, designed by women for women
  • 49:28 Wildly Good socks from Rutland, Mass. - Mark’s a huge fan

Giveaway 48:13

Lightening Round 52:02

  • Fave place to adventure: Wompatuk State Park and Lake Titus in upstate NY
  • Fave adventure food: tuna noodle casserole and PB&J
  • Fave book: A Trail of Heart’s Blood Wherever We Go by Robert Olmsted
  • Fave Podcasts: How I Built This, the Moth, Smartless
  • Biggest Wish: “That my daughters have great, meaningful lives with as little hurt as possible.” Biggest Fear: “That there would be a random act of hate, racism or misogyny that could hurt any one of them.
  • Person or moment that has inspired you: Selena Masekela and my cousin, Jordan Casteel

    Thanks to Mark for joining us on this episode!

    “We want to embody goodness and decency… as brand storytellers.” - Mark

    We’re proud to work with you and wish you all the best!


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