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How to Give Back with ANY Purchase

There are so many ways you can support Save the BWCA by ordering Redbudsuds through December 15 this year:

  • Buy 10 or more Full Size Shower Bars or Packs and use the code BWCA15 to donate 15% of your order to Save the BWCA
  • Leave a tip of any amount for the BWCA with a purchase of any bar (at checkout)
  • 1% of every bar goes to water-protecting nonprofits including but not limited to the BWCA

Honestly, we believe that every day is a great day to show up for water.

FYI: From Black Friday through Cyber Monday this year, your Redbudsuds purchases have allowed us to donate $325 PLUS an extra $92 in tips to Save the BWCA.

Let’s keep going!! 🌊🌊🌊


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