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Community Classes

Community Classes

Let's share knowledge, build community, and have a little adventure. 

We are thrilled to offer community classes at the Redbudsuds ~ Thoughtfully Clean Studio starting March 1st.  Here is a peek at the March classes offered on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. All classes include materials.    

Clean Candles Create your own thoughtfully clean soy-coconut wax candle while learning valuable techniques and insider tips about waxes, fragrances, and vessels. 
Laundry Soap Did you know your only need a few ingredients, a little prep, and a blender... to make your own laundry soap?   No plastic, no waste, just clean fresh clothes, yes please! 
Textile Block Printing Using a permanent textile ink and precut stamps, block print your own canvas tote with Hallie of Abundance Art Studio.  Hallie is the talented nature inspired artist behind our studio mural.  

    Have a question, or a class suggestion?  Contact us at 616.202.1790 or


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