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250,000 Plastic Bottles Stopped

250,000 Plastic Bottles Stopped

Our priority is eliminating plastic whenever possible. REDBUDSUDS 4-in-1 bars eliminates the need for three plastic bottles. Together we stopped 250,000 bottles from entering the waste stream!  How we purchase, and use products in our daily lives, is a meaningful way to make a difference in our communities.  Daily actions are magic.  Our habits not only shape the world, they shape us.  It can start with something as simple as the shower you take every day.

We are proud to partner with rePurpose Global on our sustainability journey to recover plastic waste from marginalized global communities who are most affected by environmental pollution.  Achieving Plastic Neutral certification is just one one step . Plastic Neutral Certification means we help fund the removal of plastic from oceans. rePurpose Global's Impact Projects remove and recover plastic pollution across five countries and three continents. 

Plastic Neutral Certification with rePurpose Global means we fund the recovery of as much plastic from nature as we use in our products and packaging. rePurpose Global also empowers marginalized waste workers. The rePurpose Global impact projects support waste workers’ incomes and access to an inclusive, safe, and dignified work environment. rePurpose Global partners with waste management organizations to run projects that recover plastic from the environment. The types of plastic the projects recover are often difficult to recycle and low- or no-value, which is why they often end up in landfills and waterways.

rePurpose Global Impact 
1,959 Waste Workers Engaged
16,578,940 Kilograms of Nature-Bound Plastic Recovered
3.3Bn Equivalent of Plastic Bags Recovered
Small drops make an ocean
Learn more about how Plastic Neutral Certification funds the collection and recovery of nature-bound plastic, for a cleaner future at rePurpose Global




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