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Whippoorwill, Turkey, Loon, and Coyote Songs

Whippoorwill, Turkey, Loon, and Coyote Songs

The Beaver Island Retreat contacted us a few days ago to restock suds for the season. At home in Grand Rapids, all hands are working on the opening of our studio shop Thoughtfully Clean  ~ sustainable goods for adventurous people.  The “to do list” is in full swing; it would be easiest to ship the order and check off the list. In the spirit of "find adventure everyday”....I pulled open my dresser to pack and glanced at my late grandmother's quilting lanyard in the drawer, with the words inscribed " the truth is out there" festooned with a commemorative beaver island pin. It was settled, I checked the ferry schedule after I stopped to gas up. 

Sometimes a non-scheduled adventure to rejuvenate the soul is more nourishing than checking tasks off the productivity list. I drove north to Charlevoix with the mantra- just get to the boat, and slowly the noise of the things to do, things to solve, began to fade away. 

Beaver Island and specifically the Retreat, is a special place for our family, it's the gift of slowing down, kicking back, and taking in the clear dark sky star viewing. It's camping, ok technically yes. Your private luxury tent site has everything you need to camp, plus a wonderful bed, a pavilion with a chefs galley, and private shower houses.  No need to "pack" for camping, just show up!   

This was my first solo trip to the island.  I took the ferry, which is 2.5 hours sail time. Two nights was a quick trip, but I seized the opportunity to take a break, be present in the moment, and catch up with two of my favorite people -  Maria and Brian.   My happy place is when I close my eyes and listen to the evening songs of Whippoorwills, Turkeys, Loons, and Coyotes tucked into bed at the Beaver Island Retreat. 

What is the Retreat experience? 
It’s a healthy time out for replenishing the soul from the hustle of hectic jobs and busy lives. Listen to the song birds, watch a turtle digging her nesting spot, just get lost in the moment, and see where it takes you. You may find yourself peeking into the primitive cabin window of beloved island mystic and healer Feodor Protar.  You may ask yourself- How did I get here, and where is his tomb? 

The 2023 season has officially kicked off and a few tents have been added with clear view of the dark sky. Starting late July and into August, Beaver Island will be an excellent spot to see the Perseid meteor shower. Some island sky watchers report seeing less known and understood events in the late night / early morning skies.  The sun sets late, and last light is after 10p.m., so plan ahead to take a nap if you want to see the wonders of the evening sky.

Something to note The Beaver Island wave.  When passing another fellow on the road, its customary to exchange waves.  It may seem odd at first, but its an endearing gesture of acknowledgement, signaling connection, which is manageable to do on a small island.  This return trip, I flew back to Charlevoix with Fresh Air Aviation.  From the air, you really see the beauty of the island,  and why its nicknamed the emerald isle.   

Be mindful of local ordinances!


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