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Earth Day Giveaways & Challenge

Earth Day Giveaways & Challenge

Why celebrate Earth Day when you could celebrate all month?

Redbudsuds is teaming up with our partners to bring you three fun ways to celebrate (and win cool stuff) this year.


1. Take a Hike!
On Facebook in partnership with Explorer Chick: This weekend only!

We're celebrating our new partnership with Explorer Chick and highlighting their mission: Get Outside and Play... thoughtfully! As you're taking a hike this weekend, toss an extra trash bag in your pack and grab any litter you see.

To enter, Like the FB post (it will go live Saturday at 1 p.m.), Follow @ExplorerChick and @Redbudsuds, and post a pic in the comments with your trash bags. You have all weekend to complete this challenge and post your photo on Facebook.

The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 23 and will receive a free REDBUDSUDS Shower Bar and Shoofah Set!


2. Reduce your Waste!
On Instagram in partnership with Tamra at Meraki Upcycled: Lasts all week.

This giveaway will last all week! Watch for the Instagram post on Saturday for the official how-to-play, but the prizes include eco-friendly products geared towards a zero-waste lifestyle. The collection is curated by my friend who lives in this awesome skoolie and makes super chic upcycled earrings (I have two pairs!).

Prizes include: Meraki Upcycled Goods (leather feather earrings), Plaine Products (refillable goods, travel size), Wolf Bus Products (reusable zipper bags), Meli Wraps (beeswax wrap), and Prickly Expressions (water bottle) and of course - yours truly Redbudsuds 4-in-1!

This set has been chosen to help travelers and adventurers (and really anyone!) be equipped with thoughtfully made goods that reduce waste. Be sure to check out each business we've hand-picked for you: they're awesome!

The winner will be chosen one week later on Sunday, April 28.


CHALLENGE #360ForThePlanet
3. Video Challenge
Social media challenge by 1% for the Planet: Ongoing All Month.

This last one is just for fun. No prizes, just the satisfaction of sharing a place you love with the people you love. The point is to create good vibes that inspire thoughtful actions so we protect these places we love for the future.

Here's how it works:

We've been challenged by One Percent for the Planet, a non-profit organization that brings "dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving." (We're a member, did you know!? More on that later.)

They're challenging us - you, me, everyone! - to make and share a video celebrating a place we love outside.

How to make your #360fortheplanet video

  • Find an inspiring location. This can be the top of your favorite mountain, in your office, at the beach, wherever!
  • Grab your phone and start filming. Slowly spin around 360 degrees, capturing the scenery - in selfie or regular mode, portrait or landscape format. Feel free to speak to both your love for and concern about our planet. (But audio isn't required by any means.)
  • Post your video on social media with the hashtag #360fortheplanet. Add a caption about why the planet is important to you and please end with, “let’s turn this thing around.”
  • Please share publicly and reach out to people directly - whether it be coworkers, friends, family, acquaintances - to encourage as many people to participate as possible. Let’s get everyone to step up and help turn this thing around! Please use #360fortheplanet and any combination of: #OnePercentForThePlanet #AllTogether #EarthMonth #EarthDay #PurchaseForThePlanet #ThoughtfullyClean

I'll be posting mine soon. Be on the lookout!

Be sure to tag us @redbudsuds so we can see your world through your eyes and be inspired, too.

Happy Celebrating! Thanks for joining our wild journey.



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