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Launch: Hometown Adventure Project MIDWEST

Launch: Hometown Adventure Project MIDWEST


How do you find adventure every day?

Starting Friday, July 27, 2018, the new Redbudsuds teardrop shop will make its way from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in Denver, Colorado to our home in northeast Ohio.

But we thought we'd make it a little interesting!

Along the way, we’ll be stopping at unexpected adventure destinations to share our story, our suds, and talk with people to learn how they’re finding adventure every day and living thoughtfully clean.

What does being thoughtfully clean mean to you?

For me, I love how I feel when I'm immersed in nature. Calm. Connected. Fully alive. What happens when I go home? I have to be intentional about keeping that connection to the outdoors alive - even when I'm done with an epic road trip or mountaintop experience.


We’ll be featuring Kansas City and St. Louis, MO, Louisville, KY, and Dayton, OH on for this project.

Follow us @redbudsuds on Instagram, #HometownAP to see scenes from the parks we visit, creative green spaces in cities we pass through, and stories from people we meet along the way.

Have a recommendation or suggestion of a place to visit along our route? Contact us and let us know!

Thanks for following and being part of our journey.

Adventure on - thoughtfully clean.




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