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Partner Profile: Redbudsuds and nuCamp RV

Partner Profile: Redbudsuds and nuCamp RV

Sometimes you feel like your world just got turned upside-down.

That's how we feel about our partnership with nuCamp RV.

We've been preparing for months. It's finally real:

Redbudsuds is ready to hit the road with a Teardrop Shop!

We are so thrilled to be partnering up with NuCamp RV in Sugarcreek, OH for the kind of camper that dreams are made of.

Redbudsuds and nuCamp teardrop shop

Why a NuCamp Teardrop?

It's totes adorbs and so much more.

For the past two years, we've been a quiet fan of nuCamp RV. If you haven't heard of nuCamp, they're located right around the corner from us in Sugarcreek, OH.

nuCamp does a phenomenal job making high-quality campers with a service-oriented mindset, but they don't always toot their own horn. Until recently, they didn't need to.

Last year, nuCamp went from being just a manufacturer (formerly Pleasant Valley Trailers, also manufacturing for Little Guy teardrops) to handling the sales of their campers, too.

So how does Redbudsuds enter the scene? Since 2016, nuCamp has included Redbudsuds in their welcome kit as appreciation for everyone who purchases a camper. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? (It is!!)

It's about to get even better. As a part of their marketing this year, nuCamp has chosen Redbudsuds as one of their brand ambassadors.

I am beyond excited to be partnering with nuCamp as I take my suds on the road in a cargo version of their T@G teardrop this summer. The T@G fits Redbudsuds like a glove: its charming and tiny design exudes thoughtfulness.

I'll never forget a conversation I had with Scott Hubble, nuCamp CEO. I was curious about the company and when I wanted to learn more about what they build, he said without hesitation, "We build people."

As awareness of Redbudsuds grows and I continue to share what it means to live thoughtfully clean and find adventure every day, I am grateful to have such a fabulous and fun vehicle to help me share my suds and our message of living thoughtfully.

Together, we're building people who care about their environment, who aren't afraid to love, and who accept the challenge to see life as the adventure it is.

We've got a great line-up of festivals, fairs and fleas this summer in Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and of course, Ohio. 💚

Don't forget to get yourself some soap for your own everyday adventures!

Share your thoughtfully clean living ideas with us using #thoughtfullyclean and #RBSwild on Facebook and Instagram for the chance to win free suds!


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