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RBS supports Beyond the Bay

RBS supports Beyond the Bay

Can you spot Redbudsuds?

In June right after my sophomore year of high school, I packed my backpack along with thirteen other giddy teenagers. Together with our two chaperones, we jammed into a 15-passenger van and headed north. The seemingly endless 24-hour drive brought us to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness at the border of Ontario and Minnesota for my first ever week-long canoe backpacking trip.

Little did I know that that journey would forever change the course of my life.

We all have coming of age stories: the moments that shape us, guide us, show us who we really are.

Beyond the Bay Film

Hannah Maia of Maia Media films and the award-winning producer of My Big White Thighs has turned her camera to another project this summer: Beyond the Bay, documenting the 7-week adventure of a group of young women paddlers and the challenges they face. They will carry traditional canvas equipment and heavy wood-canvas canoes. "This is an American summer camp... but not as you know it."

We at Redbudsuds learned about this project when we were approached at Canoecopia by the project’s marketing manager. Beyond the Bay wanted our support of their Kickstarter campaign, requesting shower bars as incentives to help fund the film.

For us, it was a no-brainer: help a group of young women experience the pristine wilderness and make a compelling documentary showing the world just how important this is? YOU BETCHA!

We are so proud to support them and can’t wait to see the final work of art come to life.

Here's how you can join us while we anticipate the release:

Learn more about the upcoming film
Follow @maiamedia on Instagram & Facebook
Watch Maia's other film My Big White Thighs and Me | Trailer

Here's to more thoughtfully clean adventures for generations to come.


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