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Save the BWCA Step 1, 2, 3...

Save the BWCA Step 1, 2, 3...

With our recent launch of yet ANOTHER collaboration bar with Save the Boundary Waters Campaign, we’re offering a variety of ways to challenge our friends and family to reimagine how to give during the holidays (and all year round).

The simplest first step?
Share the Love! Gunflint Peppermint Shower Bar SetYES, go ahead and purchase the re-released Boundary Waters Bar as a gift to yourself and loved ones, while giving to a national movement to protect the water, air, and land in America’s most visited wilderness, the Boundary Waters.

But after soap, then what!?

This movement is iconic;  the Save the BWCA Campaign has been recognized nationally and its outcome will set a huge presidence for how America fights for its wild areas.

Therefore, we challenge you to reimagine giving. RBS is more than just a shower bar company.

We recognize that small drops make an ocean, and your participation in RBS already gives back to the Boundary Waters by supporting clean water and dumping “the bottle.”

Yep, I'm lookin' at you RBS Adventurers out there asking, Hey wait! What else can I do?!

Tons of suds with Redbudsuds

Here’s a list of how you can continue giving by getting involved with the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign and making an impact on how we support our wild water and land.

To start, go to the Save the Boundary Waters website and sign the petition!  Show that you support clean air, water, and land by keeping sulfide copper mining out of the Boundary Waters.

Table for the BWCA Campaign

Second, go to the volunteer team page on the Save the Boundary Waters website and see if there is a volunteer team in your area. If there isn’t one, contact Courtney at and ask where you can get connected.

Save the BWCA volunteers

Third, work with your local team (or Courtney) to decide how you want to make an impact. What are you good at?!

Do you love to write and express your opinion publicly? Write a letter to the editor.

Are you an avid community organizer? Get ideas for local organizing and connected with others who care about the same cause.

Are you a one-to-one connector and storyteller? Sign up to table and talk with people about clean water and protecting our wilderness areas.

Do you thrive in sitting down in a small group with your local legislators? Commit to having one sit down meeting with a legislator in 2020 to express your opinions on these issues.

Finally, if any or all of this seems out of your comfort zone, that is okayAn adventure isn’t an adventure if it doesn’t give you a little bit of the jitters (that’s risk for ya!). Just as we plan for our outdoor adventures, we also plan for the adventures mentioned above. The Save the Boundary Waters Campaign will provide training through monthly webinars, person to person communication, and fact sheets with talking points about the campaign. Just ask… and take the first step.

Remember, friends... Small drops make an ocean, let’s make waves.

What’s your next first step gonna be?




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